The First LUCKY 13 Grant Has Been Awarded

Recently, I announced what I'm calling my LUCKY 13 initiative and committed to giving 13 grants for the purpose of purchasing family treasures from pawn stores, doing the detective work to track down descendants of the original owners, and returning the item to that family. I'm pleased to announce that the first of this Lucky 13 grant series (number 163 overall!) has been awarded. Carol MacKay of Family Photo Reunion of British Columbia reunites old photos that she finds in antique shops and second hand stores with families of origin, and will use this grant to cover the purchase of a carte de visite photo album and a few other items she rescued in Calgary.

Genealogy Round Up, June 24

A piece about Unclaimed Persons (including video). Happy 5th anniversary! 
Lost and Found for Humans

How cool is this?! 

Great video illustrating a clever use ot mtDNA testing to solve a family history mystery. Features well known genetic genealogist, Bill Hurst. 

PBS uncovers American family histories. Meet host & genies:

DNA Stories: A Tale of Two Sisters

As promised, I'm continuing to share RootsTelevision videos, and this one will be of particular interest to folks who are into genetic genealogy or thinking of trying it out. It features a clever use of mtDNA testing to get past a long-standing brick wall, and the man behind it is Bill Hurst, who's well known in the DNA community. As you watch, it might be worth pondering whether the same approach might not help knock down a brick wall or two in your own research.

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Down Under: The Case of the Cannon Tombstone

Over the last few weeks, I've started uploading popular RootsTelevision videos, and I've just added one that was a favorite of many. Down Under is a series that focuses on tombstone tales. We've all wandered a cemetery and found ourselves curious about this or that person whose name we spotted on a grave, and this show is an effort to ferret out some of those untold or long-neglected stories behind the stones. 

In this instance, The Genealogy Guys - aka George Morgan and Drew Smith -- find themselves drawn to a tombstone with a cannon on it, and in the course of their sleuthing, we learn the unexpected story of Idlebrando Zacchini. Enjoy!

Genealogy Grant Awarded to Daviess County Public Library

Congrats to our most recent Seton Shields Genealogical Grant winner! We are thrilled to announce that this is the 13th anniversary grant and brings the total number of grants awarded to 162!

Make sure you read about the Lucky 13 initiative. And don't forget you can apply for a grant here.  

Learn about the LUCKY 13 grants initiative 

The Daviess County Public Library in Owensboro, KY has the largest collection of genealogy and local history materials in a public library in Western Kentucky. They have partnered with the Owensboro Museum of Science and History for a local history project called "Voices of Elmwood." As part of the project, they will research people who have been buried in Elmwood Cemetery, create a script, and have actors reenact their lives during an October hayride through the cemetery. The grant award will support this and other initiatives at the library.