Genealogy Round Up, December 24

Breast cancer caught super-early. Shows the power of what 23andMe offers. "How Genealogy Saved (or Significantly Changed) My Life"

Just read "Vanished" by Wil S. Hylton. Sharon and I researched four of the fellows mentioned in the book for JPAC, and the connection among three of them about ripped my heart out. RIP, John Moore, Arthur Joseph Schumacher, Alexander Robert Vick and William Robert "Billie" Dixon.

December 2013 Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded

A grant has been given to Cathy Horn of Rochelle, NY to purchase archival quality supplies for her research on a tragic event at Grand Central Station (NYC) in 1902 which resulted in the deaths of 17 people and the destruction of the old Grand Central Depot, triggering the building of the present-day Grand Central Station. Once completed, Cathy will turn all documents and reports over to the Westchester County Historical Society in order to make them accessible to others.

November 2013 Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded

Jason Gavin, who recently joined the Williamson County Public Library (Franklin, TN), is receiving a grant to address preservation concerns – specifically, measures to cope with humidity in the library’s manuscript room and to protect a rare 1878 map of Franklin, Tennessee that shows family names and landholdings at that time.