August 2013 Seton Shields "Lucky 13" Genealogy Grant Awarded

Barbara Conner of Michigan really took the Lucky 13 challenge to heart!  Though she had never stepped foot in a pawn star before, she took the opportunity to do so during a Michigan to Mississippi road trip, and purchased a cigar box filled with letters a Tennessee serviceman had written to his new wife back home during WWII. Not one to let moss grow under her feet, she’s already located the family and will return this family treasure shortly. Next up? A bed-warmer dated 1895 with part of a name inscribed on it. This month’s grant, representing the second in the Lucky 13 series, was made in support of this and other orphan heirloom rescues planned by Barbara.

Those interested in joining the Lucky 13 initiative and rescuing family treasures can apply here.

Genealogy Round Up, August 19

You know, I could almost imagine this happening. Check out the "quote" from Tim Sullivan.

Zooey Deschanel's Philly roots.

DNA Reveals Alex Haley's Scottish Roots (video).

How-to companion book to Who Do You Think You Are? TV series

Grants for ‪#‎genealogy‬ projects. Tell your deserving friends!

The lower budget is apparent because of the focus on a single ancestor and the mostly domestic travel, but I think the stories still hold up. What do you think? 'Who Do You Think You Are?' EP Dan Bucatinsky Talks NBC Cancelation, Show's Changes at TLC | TheWrap TV

Trisha Yearwood will be going to England on Who Do You Think You Are?

Once again, no clue why this particular image is associated with this when I post, but this is a great video showing how to use Y-DNA testing to solve family history mysteries.

Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded to Preserve the Pensions

The good folks at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and the National Archives have teamed up for Preserve the Pensions, an initiative designed to fund the digitization of War of 1812 pension files. If you've ever been fortunate enough to come across pension files of any sort for your ancestors, you know how incredibly valuable they can be. If circumstances permit, I hope you'll consider possibly supporting this undertaking yourself.

Genealogy Round Up, August 5

How-to companion to ‪#‎WDYTYA‬ - Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History

Christina Applegate on ‪#‎WDYTYA‬ (Video). Notice use of GenealogyBank.

Who Do You Think You Are? goes to Germany this week: Chelsea Handler unearths Nazi roots on TV show

Interesting. Just did a case involving this camp recently. Chelsea Handler's episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? Posts Double Digit Gains From Premiere in Households & Demos

Genealogy Round Up, July 22

Have you watched Kelly Clarkson's episode of Who Do You Think You Are? 

"I prayed for eyelids that night, but it's a godless universe" HBO: Family Tree: Interview with Monkey

Lucky UK getting Family Tree now! Guest's Family Tree is a bit like Modern Family crossed with Who Do You Think You Are?

I got my first passport at the age of 6 months and remember discovering them as an genealogical resource back when I was a teenager, so I love this collection. Suspect you will, too! 

New Yorkers with deep roots! Family Tree New York