Genealogy Round Up, July 28

Nas and LL Cool J to earn about their heritage on "Finding Your Roots" (PBS)

Coming up this week on WDYTYA - "Modern Family's" Jesse Tyler Ferguson Learns His Family History on "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Interview with Jenn Utley (!) re: Cynthia Nixon episode of "Who Do You Think You are?"

In case you're into Pinterest, here's my board on GENEALOGY ON TV. Lots more genealogy-related boards there, too!

Courtney B. Vance, Anna Deavere Smith, Nas & Khandi Alexander find their roots in PBS series

Researchers From Help Explore the Oregon Trail, Klondike Gold Rush, & More on New Season of TLC Series "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Unexpected application of genealogy

First the drinking game and now WDYTYA bingo. Wednesday nights are getting dangerous!

Genealogy Round Up, July 21

Couple Married 63 Years Dies On The Same Day

I was tickled with "Tacky," but Weird Al's "Word Crimes" is even better. Anyone who still cares about grammar will love this video.

Bruce Springsteen accepts Ellis Island award with his mother & aunts

April 2014 Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded

In 2011, the Historical Society of Kent County, one of Maryland's earliest counties, was delighted to receive the donation of a building that will be the future Bordley History Center. The History Center will have both a research library, with computers and databases accessible to the public, as well as a state of the art archival room that will keep the society's collection of negatives, family Bibles, portraits, oral histories, family photo albums and legal documents preserved. Liberty Bliss, a work-study student at the society, requested a grant, explaining that, "under the current director Karen Emerson, we are working very hard to preserve and document the African-American and Hispanic communities that have been in Kent County forever but underrepresented. We are going to begin an oral history project with members of the Hispanic community in the fall, and I am currently working on a proposal to begin a slave genealogy project. In addition to this much needed research center, we are doing our best to fill this crucial need in the historical and genealogical communities. We have the heart, we have the hands, we just don't have the funds." This month's grant is intended to help with the funds part of the equation.

Genealogy Round Up, June 30

So WDYTYA Live moves to Birmingham, and now this. Lots of changes afoot in genealogy-land!

This is a bit dated (one of my first television appearances!), but remains near and dear to my heart because it shares the experience of my first family reunion in the Rusyn village of Osturna in Slovakia. 40 Americans whose parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were born there came along to meet their cousins for the first time!

May 2014 Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded: 14th Anniversary!

One of the nice aspects of running your own grants program is that every once in a while, you're allowed to indulge in a little favoritism, and that's what I've done this month for grant #174.

My father's entire side of the family is Carpatho-Rusyn, so I've been a member of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society (C-RS) since it first launched in 1994. In fact, I recently had the honor of speaking at the society's 20th anniversary event in Pittsburgh, and as it happens, this grants program has just reached its 14th birthday!  So I've decided to celebrate both together by awarding a grant to the C-RS in support of the Carpatho-Rusyn National Cultural Center in Munhall, PA. If you happen to be part Rusyn yourself, please consider joining and/or visiting soon!

Genealogy Round Up, June 23

Did a fun interview with @Scholastic! Discover Your Family History: Easy advice to help you start exploring your family’s past

D-Day Veteran Gets 2,500 Cards For His 90th Birthday In Amazing Display Of Support

Hidden Mothers: Spooky Photographs of Victorian Babies Held By Their Mothers

Love this Video! (Never Too Old To Be) Happy

$18k/yr?! The high cost of searching for your ancestors

Preview video for upcoming season of Finding Your Roots

Watch what happens about 55 seconds in - Man who saved 669 kids from death gets a tearful surprise on TV

This video truly blew my mind. Of course, the fact that I'm part Ukrainian may have biased me slightly, but this young woman has created an amazing intersection of art and story-telling. Wow. Just wow. 

March 2014 Seton Shields Genealogy Grant Awarded

Myrna Shirey of the Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society in Montrose, Colorado will use her grant to purchase a large flatbed scanner for digitizing a variety of records - to include funeral home books, newspaper obituaries, and club logs - of the Montrose area. The society funds the Montrose Genealogy Center that is free to the public and is completely funded by donations and product sales resulting from preservation work.