Genealogy Roundup, March 4

Irish family from Galway the longest living group of siblings in the world – 5 over 100 and one more almost there . . .

Who Do You Think You Are? Returns with 8 New Celebrity Family Tree Searches on TLC – Not long now . . .‪ ‬ If you want to start getting warmed up for the first episode on March 8th, why not spending a couple of minutes poking around my Celebrity Roots board on Pinterest?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jon Hamm's Roots

Genealogy 101: Discover Your Roots – Did not know this was out there until someone emailed me about it!

Chromosome pillows playfully represent "his and hers" DNA with pink felt applique for the XX chromosome and blue for the XY chromosome – For all my genetic genealogy peeps, you know you need this!

Family Photos From Ukraine — 'My Sisters' – Can really relate to this since I have roots just north of L'viv. Her family was much better off than mine, but I love that she's part Rusyn!