Genealogy Roundup, November 19

Ellis Island, past and present: Tracing the first steps of millions to America – Love this art installment by JR on Ellis Island. And this is the best batch of photos I've seen from it online so far. Check it out!

I had a lot of fun last week, waxing on about all things genealogical on this "roots and hoops" episode of The Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show! You might want to give it a listen while you're tending to other online activities.

‘If I Had Known My Mother Back Then’, A Daughter Puts Herself Into Her Mother’s Childhood Photos – Well, this should be confusing for future genealogists (as if we don't have enough problems identifying everyone in old photos already!), but it's still fun! h/t to Christy Camren

He Was a 98-Year-Old Veteran. A Picture Taken of Him Just One Day Before Death Has Moved America. – RIP, Justus Belfield.