Genealogy Round Up, January 13

OK, I can't vouch for this company or show, but I know a lot of folks like the opportunity to be on television - and in this instance, it involves DNA testing - so I've decided to share this. But please, proceed at your own risk!

111-year-old Syracuse Irish woman the longest-living person in Irish history

I've posted about this in previous seasons and I know a couple of you have come close to making it on the show. Please try again - or try for the first time if you have Swedish heritage. If you haven't watched it, it's a fun show - in Swedish, but since the contestants speak English, you can understand just about everything.

Shame on us that we can't find the funding to protect our history!

Sharon Moore Elliott, Kimberly Powell and I all helped on the research for this Red Star Line over in Antwerp. It's essentially their counterpart to Ellis Island, though obviously a point of departure.

Another great article about the almost-112-year-old woman I recently researched for Irish Central. This one by Sean Kirst in the Syracuse Post-Standard, as Kathleen has lived there since emigrating from Ireland in 1921! 

Lots of interesting info here about naming patterns. Check out the chart about the name Emma!