Genealogical Serendipity x 2

Those of you who are long-time genealogists might remember my first book, In Search of Our Ancestors, which was the companion to the PBS Ancestors series. This book is out of print (though I'm considering re-publishing it) and is a favorite of mine - not only because it was my first, but because it's a collection of 101 tales of genealogical serendipity.

Recently, I received a fun email that I just had to share, and the writer, Marcia Smyth, kindly granted permission. In Marcia's own words . . .

"Quite some time ago, I ordered online a used book titled "In Search of our Ancestors" by Megan Smolenyak. When it arrived at my home in California, I put it on the shelf with my other genealogy books. I finally pulled it off the shelf today and opened it. There is a tag on it, showing that it must have been donated to, and re-sold by, Deseret Industries. The name of the previous owner is inscribed on the title page ---- Katie Lamm ---- my cousin, who lives in Idaho.

The book's subtitle is "101 Inspiring Stories of Serendipity . . ." I would say that it was serendipitous for this particular book to find its way to me!"

When I replied to Marcia asking for her OK to post this, she added additional commentary revealing just how against-the-odds this was:

"I messaged Katie on Facebook yesterday.  She said she remembered enjoying the book and must have donated it during one of her moves. . . Katie and I have only seen each other once recently in about 40 years, since our cousins decided to have reunions of our generation."

Surely, this copy of ISOOA is exactly where it's supposed to be!