Cause of death pedigree

OK, this is definitely twisted, but I blame it on Judy Russell, who in turn blames it on Nathan Murphy. And if you're going to share something morbid, you might as well do it on Halloween. 

At any rate, this is a cause of death pedigree for my family back through my great-grandparents. I really should do another generation because I know I'd hit the era of consumption, Bright's disease, and other ailments that slightly befuddle us today, but I'll leave it at this for the moment. 

So of 13 deaths, there are five from cancer (never the same kind twice), five from heart/cardiac conditions (mostly heart attacks), a pair of stroke/hemorrhage passings, and one murder. At least some of the cancers were environmentally caused, and since I'm not, say, a smoker or coal miner, I can see what the odds suggest for me when my time comes. They say knowledge is power. It's also a little scary sometimes. Maybe I should back up another generation so I can at least reassure myself that typhus and cholera aren't in my future. Happy Mortal Halloween!

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Actually that's a very useful health history. I'm sure your doctor would be interested.
Yes, it actually is a good idea, but still a touch creepy!
Blame Nathan, not me! (A murder! Cool. Not to the victim, I'm sure, but a really interesting part of family history!)
Oh my gosh, Judy - only a genealogist would think a murder is cool! You made me laugh out loud. But yes, a simultaneously sad and extremely interesting bit of family history. I both thank and curse you and Nathan!
How about the ancestor that fell head first into a rain barrel and couldn't get out? I think this would be fun to do and see all the strange circumstances of death.
INCREDIBLY creepy. . . if I can face mortality with some courage today I think I'll have to do one!
I suspect the further we go back, the stranger the causes could be, Rosanna, but that's definitely a peculiar one! essentially rained to death
If it weren't Halloween, I'd apologize, Michael, but since it is, you're welcome! Good luck with your tree!
You know, I think I have to do this because my 2xGreat Grandpa was killed in a train robbery. I have no other info on him (well, very little) so what better way to recognize him than as, dare I say, "Most Interesting Cause of Death" on my morbid mortality tree :o)
Yeah, you'll have to color-code it so he stands out, Michael!
I thought I might learn something by finding the causes of death for my ancestors; to see if there was a pattern. What I found was of no medical use. Two died from third-stage syphilis and two from typhoid fever. I learn don't do the dirty without protection or penicillin handy and don't drink dirty water in Baltimore. Two facts I will always remember.
Sometimes knowledge is painful.
What an excellent idea. I must try this.
I love this. I was only able to go back two generations but it was still interesting. Not sure I can find more in Denmark and Germany.
This is a great idea. Might add age at death. My husband died at 38 of heart attack, his sister at 44 with heart disease. Also their grandparents and great grandparents also died of heart disease at ages younger than normal.
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